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This is about mahself!

ok, hi i am neelanjan from india! i am in ninth grade and to tell about myself........yah i love dbz!! thats just he reason why i have made this site! and i hope in the future i will make even more sites!!!

i have a bro who is in college, my mom and dad and a cute puppy at home. thats my family. And ya people i will update this site time to time ok!

and ya, if you have any , ya i mean any question on DBZ then plz give me a mail and i will surely reply!!!

love yah all!!!






and ya thats me!!!

The History or Story Behind My Site

well there is  kinda story behind this site. DBZ was aired last time in my city four years ago, though not the whole series. i had instantly become a fan of it and did huge amounts of research on it! now it is being aired again and i intend to watch it though i know all about it!!!!

so i thought i ought to make a site about my fascination and lo and behold, here it is!!!

My Contact Information

Link to this cool DBZ site where you can download the episodes too!