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Costumes of goku!

In this page I will describe goku's costumes throughout the series with a pic of each along with the describtion!!!

Costume 1

This is Goku's costume in DB but at the very beginning of DBZ for about two or three episodes he wears the same costume, of course a lot bigger and he also has a blue shirt underneath this red GI. He also has an elastic style Belt which ties his long red pants. He also wears a black boot with blue laces. And ya, this costume has Master Roshi's symbol on his left chest and his back.

Costume 2

 This is exactly the same as the last suit Goku wears except for 2 things, the belt now has a part that freely dangles, and he now has a symbol on the back. This larger Kanji proves that he was trained by King Kai.

Costume 3

This armor is worn by Goku during the training for Cell games saga.This suit is made by Bulma. The body cover is again navy blue but extends to the mid-neck. Gloves and boots are again worn and the color scheme is the same as always. This time instead of the shoulder section of the armor going past or to the shoulder, it has 2 shoulder straps. Again this suit is meant for event more maneuverability and ya one size fits all!!!!

Costume 4

This is the coolest of all Goku costumes. This suit is worn by him during the cell games and all the sagas after it. In this costume he wears a black t-shirt underneath a orange gi whose neck cuts down to his stomach. He also wears a black belt which tightly fits around his stomach. His trousers are also cool with orange shade. His boots are totally black with orange strips!!And yah, he does not wear any symbol because he quite literally......uh huh trains by himself!! He wears this to the end of the series!