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Detailed biographies of the DBZ fighters and the main villians

Ok, This is the page where you will find all the info on the common DBZ characters! Enjoy and i  will update this page soon with a different page for each character. but for now, this is it!Laughing


Race: Saiyan
Hair: Black
Series: DB,DBZ
Abilities: Kamehameha,KaoKen,Solar Flare,Spirit Bomb,Energy Blast,Instantaneous Movement

Goku Is The Hero Through The DB And DBZ Series. As A Kid He Was Born To Fight! He is the STRONGEST person in the whole universe!!!! Goku Is Part Of A Great Race Of Fighters Known As Saiyan's. Goku Was Sent To Earth As A Child To Destroy Every Life Form Known On That Planet. When Goku Arrived On Earth He Was Found By An Old man Name Gohan. Gohan Took The Little Saiyan In As His Own Grandson. Gohan Noticed Something Strange In Goku. He Was Very Violent For His Age. Oneday While Walking Up A Mountain Goku Falls Off The Mountain And Hits His Head. Forgetting His Mission To Destroy Earth Because Of The Fall. Goku Became A Mild Manner Little Boy. In DBZ Goku Is All Grown Up And Has His Own Son Who He Named After His Grandfather ,Gohan.Goku Is The Second Saiyan To Reach The Ultimate FORM Of A Saiyan...A "Super Saiyan" Goku Reaches Level 1,2,And 3 Of Super Saiyan Level. Goku Goes Through Alot Of Battles During DBZ Which Causes His Death Many, Many,Many Times. Thank's To The Eternal Dragon, Some Help From GODS,And A Little Move Called Instantaneous Movement, Our Hero Is Never Permanently In The Next Dimension. Goku Usually Fights The Strongest Villains Through Out The Series. Making This Light Hearted Fighter "One Of The Strongest" Or "The Strongest" Fighter In The Universe. Goku is a peaceful, good-natured, honest, trusting, and protective soul. He is also the most powerful warrior on Earth and the first to become a Super Saiyan in over 1000 years. Having honed his skills and strengthened his spirit to a level never achieved by any being on Earth, Goku is able to fly, shoot energy beams from his hands, move at incredible speeds and, when in a pinch, power-up to a fighting level so high it creates an energy aura around his body and makes him turn blond with green eyes... becoming in effect a walking nuclear war. Goku hasn't learned these skills just for fun, his life is forced down this path as he battles the evil Saiyans in the final battle to save the Earth.
When the Saiyans arrive on Earth it is a shock in more ways than one. Goku finds out the mysterious secret of his own past: he is Saiyan formerly known as Kakarot who was sent to Earth as a baby with the mission to conquer the planet. Luckily for Earth a near fatal head injury "scrambles" his programming and instead of becoming a destructive super-warrior he becomes an innocent pure-of-heart defender of Earth. Goku was raised by a peaceful, wise old man named Gohan, after whom Goku later names his first son. Goku is always there to help his family and friends and he is very protective of them. If he has a weakness, it is his trusting nature. Goku has many powerful fighting techniques including the powerful Kamehameha Wave and the Kaio-ken which he learns from King Kai. His last and most powerful weapon is an immensely powerful energy ball which garners energy from all sources on the planet, concentrates it into one sphere, and then releases it in one mighty swoop. This ball can be used only once and must be guided carefully for it can destroy the planet if used inappropriately.


Name: Vegeta (Bejiita)
Date of Birth: 732 AD
Species: Saiyan
Power: High

Vegeta was once prince of the planet Vegeta. His father was King Vegeta and his mother is unknown. Saiyans are a bloodthirsty race and Vegeta was a fine example of one. When he was young, a creature named Furiza took over planet Vegeta, and later destroyed it and everyone on it.. luckily, (or unluckily) Vegeta was on Furiza's ship at the time, and did not die with the rest of the Saiyans. Vegeta, with the two other Saiyans who had survived, Raditsu and Nappa, was under Furiza's control for many years, until Raditsu was sent to Earth to find his brother, Goku, and was destroyed, but not before he let Vegeta and Nappa know about the dragonballs. Hungry for power, they set a course for Earth, only to find they were no match for Goku. Vegeta killed Nappa after making a fool of himself, but despite how strong he was compared to his partner, Goku still beat him, and Vegeta left Earth already planning his revenge. After another unlikely turn of events on the planet Namek, Vegeta ended up back on Earth, and eventually learned to put up with all the "weak Humans." Vegeta first goes Super Saiyan while fighting androids #19 and #20, and has two children, Trunks and Bura, with the most unlikely person, Bulma. I would say that Vegeta has the worst luck out of everyone in the series.



    Goten, born shortly after the Cell Saga. He is Goku's second son and was conceived shortly before Goku's death in the Cell Saga. Goten plays a big part in the series after he goes super saiya-jin at the age of 5. During his childhood he becomes great friends with Chibi (baby/non-future) Trunks. They help each other alot during their battles and eventually they learn the fusion technique(with the help of Piccolo and Goku) where Goten and Trunks become Gotenks.

    However while Goten always had much potential, he never fully lived up to it because of his funloving nature and his lack of real discipline. Nevertheless he is a very important figure near the end of DBZ but by DBGT his role as a main character faded.



Name: Krillin (Kururin, Klylin, etc.)
Birthdate: 736 AD
Parents and Siblings: Unknown
Wife: Android 18
Daughter: Marron
Weight: Approx. 90 Lbs.
Height: Aprrox. 4 Feet 6 Inches
Eyes: Black

Krillin is Goku’s best friend. He and Goku were both trained by Master Roshi immediately after the Pilaf Era of Dragonball. They were rivals at first, but quickly became friends. Much like Master Roshi, Krillin is a huge pervert. In fact, he gave Master Roshi a porno magazine just to be trained.

Krillin entered the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament many times, but has never won. Krillin was barely helpful in the Cell Era, and he became much weaker in the Buu Era.

Krillin is a very short man. He’s bald until the Buu Era of Dragonball Z. Despite popular beliefs, he chooses to shave his head because he is a monk. That is also why he has the 6 dots on his head. All of the monks like Krillin have shaved their heads similarly, as some of the other monks Krillin trained with met up with him at the Tenkaichi Budokai. In the Buu Era, he grows some black hair, and in GT he has gray hair and a moustache. One of the most interesting thing about his appearance is that he does not have a nose. It is said that he breathes through the six dots on his head.

All Krillin really wants is a girlfriend. He mentioned this on numerous occasions, but all of which were removed from the dub. In the Garlic Jr. Saga, he has a dead ringer for Bulma named Marron as his girlfriend. She leaves him at the beginning of the Android Saga, though. Sometime between the Cell and Buu eras, Krillin marries Android #18. Android #18 is the one who convinced Krillin to stop shaving his head. They have a daughter named Marron (yes…he named his daughter after his ex-girlfriend) who accompanies them to the Tenkaichi Budokai, and shows up in GT a bit.

Krillin dies 3 times; once in each series. In Dragonball, he is killed by one of Piccolo’s minions. In Z, Freeza kills him and Goku becomes a Super Saiyajin. In GT, Super 17 kills him. Don’t worry, Krillin always gets wished back.

Let’s just note the spelling of Krillin’s name. His name can be written in English a plethora of ways. FUNimation uses Krillin, Viz uses Kururin, and Klylin, Kululin, and pretty much any other spelling that remotely sounds like his name are accepted. We all know who we’re talking about. This site will use the spelling “Krillin”.


  In the original DB, Yamcha was a fierce bandit. Upon meeting Goku and his friends, he decided to join them on their quest to collect the dragonballs hoping to make a wish of his own. Much comedy was based on his fear of girls, and especially Bulma. But overtime, the fear had gone and he found himself dating Bulma. Although Yamcha has no Saiyan blood and is just a human, he still still a very good fighter. He decided that he didn't want to fight the androids and that's when his training had finished.


He is the evil of evils. He wants the Dragonballs for immortality to rule the universe. He kills anyone that challenges him, even by asking questions. Extremely powerful, he is also ruthless and does not care who he has to dispose of to get the Dragonballs. He eventually fights Goku, who destroys him by becoming Super Saiyan. He is put back together by his father, King Cold, and is again killed, this time versus Trunks.


Gohan, Goku and Chi-Chi's first son, was named after his adoptive grandfather. Physically, he resembles a young Goku right down to the tail and the propensity to become an uncontrollable raging Giant Monkey, while spiritually, he is good and pure of heart as well. Because of his protective mother, Gohan starts out as a wimp, but when the Earth is threatened, he reveals his tremendous potential as a fighter and uncontrollably "powers up" in order to rescue his father from a desperate situation. Because of this he is forced into training in preperation for the arrival of the Saiyans. Gohan's training is at the hands of Piccolo because his father is learning the fighting expertise of King Kai. Piccolo and Gohan develop a special bond, which causes Piccolo to step in front of Nappa's mighty blast to save Gohan's life. Gohan's loss of nerve in the battle against the Saiyans cost all his friends dearly. But he is determined to make up for his cowardice by traveling to the planet Namek to find the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish his friends back to life. Gohan's tremedous power is accounted for by the incredible mix between Earthing and Saiyan, which produces an even stronger being than either Human or Saiyan alone. Even though Gohan becomes the most powerful non-fused character, he never attains the love of fighting that Goku has.


Name: Future Trunks (Mirai no Trunks, etc.)
Birth date: 766 AD
Father: Vegeta
Mother: Bulma
Sister: Bra
Weight: ???
Height: 5'5
Eyes: Blue

Future Trunks is the disciplined and noble warrior from the future who aids the warriors in the battle against the androids. He's a bit shy, but is never one to shy away from a fight if he can make a difference in any way.

Life Story
After Goku died of a powerful heart virus, the world was left without a great hero to aid in the approaching android menace. The few, who were left, such as Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, etc., were all killed in the battle. Only Gohan was able to escape. All of this happened while Trunks was still a baby, so he never had a chance to meet his father, or had the chance to see the Earth as a peaceful place. Having assessed the situation of the artificial human plague, and hearing the amazing stories of Goku, he made it his mission to become a Super Saiya-jin, and help defeat the androids.

With the help of his mentor, and now SSJ, Gohan, he trained to attain the level of power needed for the Super Saiya-jin level. He was not able to attain it despite his valiant efforts. He fought with Gohan against the androids, but the two were badly beaten. When the androids were seen attacking a nearby city a short time later, Gohan left Trunks behind since, if the earlier battle was any indication, he wasn't ready for battle.

Trunks, having been knocked unconscious by Gohan, in order to make sure he stayed put, awoke to find his master nowhere to be found. He quickly headed to the site where he had been prepared to fight alongside his partner. He entered the destroyed, rainy city, and found Gohan, dead among the rubble. His anger, sorrow, and disgust fueled his rage, and in a mighty blast, he turned Super Saiya-jin for the first time.

Four years later, he used a Capsule Corp. time machine to return to the past. He couldn't change anything in his timeline, but his mother requested that he do it. Besides, he wanted to meet his dad, and his hero, Goku anyway. His mission there was to kill King Kold and Freezer, and give Goku heart medicine to insure that this timeline wouldn't become as horrible as his own. He succeeded, and after warning Goku about the androids, went back to his timeline.

Three years later, the now 20 year old Trunks returned to help the others fight the androids. It was revealed that the androids the others had been fighting were not the ones of Trunks' reality. Not only that, but even more powerful creature, Cell was revealed, edging the others to gain more power. Goku, having recovered from his virus, showed Trunks and Vegeta the Room of Spirit and time, where time was bent, allowing for a years training in one day. Trunks and Vegeta trained, and seemingly reached a new SSJ level. Trunks eventually ended up fighting Cell. Even with his new level of power, Cell, in his perfect form after assimilating Androids 17 and 18 was too great a threat. The limitations in speed were too much, and he had to pull away.

During the Tenkaichi Boudakai Cell set up to decide the fate of Earth, Trunks played only a small role. He was subjected to fights with Cell Juniors, tiny versions of Cell that shared his massive strength.

When Cell was seemingly defeated, A blast came from the sky, and pierced through Trunks' heart, killing him instantly. Not to fear though, as Gohan, having reached Super Saiya-jin level 2, did kill Cell, allowing the others to revive him with the dragonballs.

With this, Trunks prepares to return to his timeline, having helped save the world. He'd even gained the respect of his father, which was perhaps his biggest victory.



He is one of the characters who was originally "evil", but through series of unexpected events, the "evil" in him was slowly washed away as Piccolo took different forms.

    Piccolo is the offspring of Daimon, who was the pure "evil" which separated from Kami-sama as another body. Piccolo and Kami-sama is one person in two bodies. If one of them die, both will die. When Daimon was killed by Son Goku, he vowed that his offspring Piccolo will avenge him. Thus, Piccolo's character is not just pure "evil" the way Daimon is. He is simply focused on destroying Son Goku. The two of them first met in the Budokai.

    With the arrival of Raditz, Piccolo found himself an unwilling partner of Son Goku and together defeated Raditz. When he learned that two more poweful Saiyajin will avenge Raditz, Piccolo only found himself even more unwillingly on Goku's side by volunteering to train his Son, Gohan to become a warrior to fight against the Saiyajin. Piccolo's militant training style made Gohan a stronger person, gradually unleashing Gohan's tremendous talent. During the time he spent with Gohan, Piccolo began to develop love and care for Gohan, which was fully realized when he sacrificed his life for Gohan in the battle against Nappa. His love and care for Gohan is readily apparent throughout the Freeza and Cell series




Tien is the strongest earthling and ya he is stronger than krillin so no futrther questions about it people!

anyways in DB he managed to beat goku just once and only once. after that Goku started to grow stronger but tien didnot give up and he continued to train. In dragonball z he is a ittle taller than Goku and more Muscular. Though he knows he will never be as strong as the saiyans, but he still keeps up with trunks until he is in his ssj form. And in the buu saga he appears last time to save gohan from Buu's attack.


Radditz is Goku's brother. He, like Goku, is a strong saiyan. He came to Earth to try and convince Goku to come wit him and blow up planets. When Goku refused, Radditz kidnapped Gohan. In the end, Goku sacrificed his life so Piccolo had an open shot and killed Radditz.


An android created by Dr. Gero. He is incredibly strong and is able to go through a series of transformations. One is where he splits into four Cell Juniors. He also has stages up to his Perfect Cell stage. Once thought to have been defeated, he regenerated from a single cell. When in his perfect stage, the only person capable of defeating him was Gohan in his Super Saiyan 2 form.


Once released, he is probably the most powerful being alive (without any transformations). He can consume people to gain their powers and does this to most of the characters. However, he is no match for Vegetto. But Vegetto allows himself to be consumed to rescue the others inside of Buu. He is eventually defeated when everyone on Earth raises their hands to give Goku the energy needed to do a seriously massive Spirit Bomb.