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Clothing's fit for a saiyan prince!

Here is Vegeta's clothing just for you!

Hey its not complete so keep comming back people!

Costume 1

This is the first costume we see vegeta in. This is the costume in which he comes to earth. He weras this till the namek saga where he switches to new kinda suits. This one is the most basic saiyan costume with shoulder and hip pads. He also wears body armor which can be peirced but only by very strong opponents. He also wears a blue jump suit beneath the overshadowing suit

Costume 2

Nothing to say, just the same with only the hip pads missing. lame, actually!

costume 3

The same thing, now with the shoulder pads missing too! wats happening?????

Costume 4

Ah! the first major change! Now the armor has been replaced with a well measured shoulder straps. Bulma makes these costumes for the four saiyans-Vegeta, Goku, Gohan and Trunks for preparation before the cell saga. And yah, it can strech to any length!!!

Costume 5

Ah, my fav out of all the vegeta costumes! Nothing fancy, just a loose fitting jump suit covering his entire body except for the arms and the muscular portion of the chest! The upper portion looks kinda muscle shirt to me actually!anywyas white gloves and boots as everare a necessity...