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Live the adrenaline with these cool DBZ characters!

Here are some animated GIF's. i know they are quite common but hey they are nice! ENJOY!!

Goku unleashing his finishing attack! The spirit bomb!

Goten Unleashing his power! whew!

Goten's famous "KameKAmeha!!!!"

Ah! The real "KameHAmeha" by Goku!

Just Check Gohan's awesome power!

I dont know how it happened but are there really two Goku's!!

Ya, Piccolo's makkansapou!

Vegeta's lethal FINAL FLASH!

I donno which attack but its definitly Trunks!

Goku is too powerful to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cool old Kamehameha, nothin fancy about it!