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The costumes of Gohan!!!

Beleive it or not gohan has the highest number of costumes throughout the series and i will try to cover each one but please forgive me if i have left any.

Costume 1

This is the first outfit we ever see Gohan in, worn in the very early parts of the Saiyan Saga. He continues to wear it up until the early parts of his training with Piccolo after Raditz was killed. It is also worn in a few of the movies, proving he has several or gets several pairs of the outfit.

Costume 2

This is Gi worn by Gohan before the fight with the saiya-jin. This like Gokus wear has a blue inner shirt followed by a red/orange outside. Gohan also wears a blue belt and black boots that use a piece of rope to hold them tight. The Kanji on the front of his shirt is saying that he was trained by Piccolo.

Costume 3

This armor is given to Gohan by Vegeta on Namek when they decide they will have no chance against Frieza and his Henchmen unless they team up. It is taken from inside one of Frieza's ships and is slightly outdated at the time. By this I mean new and more efficient models have already been made, but were all taken, so Gohan had to use this model. The armor is made of special elastics and can stretch to ANY size (i.e. Oozaru Vegeta). It's strong and durable, and protects him a bit during the fight with Frieza. Gohan even keeps it after he leaves Namek and decides to wear it when Frieza comes to Earth.

Costume 4

Check out Goku's costume 3 for info on this little beauty!

Costume 5

Ah, at last, piccolo's costumes perfect rip off! This is the exact same uniform thats worn by Piccolo, excluding size. Gohan wishes to wear this quite often because Piccolo trained him and Gohan admires Piccolo more than almost any other DBZ character. He wears a dark violet gi with a red belt and a shoulder weight which amazingly enough manages to make a dent on a car!!!!

Costume 6



Although similar to the outfit Gohan wears when fighting Buu and also when training with Piccolo in the beginning of the series, it has slight differences and is not the same. It is only seen in Dragonball Z Movie 9: Bojack Unbound (never the series), and is most likely something made/given to him by Chi-Chi.

Costume 7


This is Gohans Great Saiya-jin Man uniform, he uses this to hide his identity from the people of Satan City while he protects it. The main piece is a green jacket which folds over himself. It ends at his shoulders and knees. A black belt is rapped around his waste to keep this first piece from flapping around. Under the green jacket is a black body suit which covers all of his body to his neck. He also wears a long red cape which clips onto the front of his jacket. Last he wears white gloves and goldish yellow and white boots. He uses a watch to transform into this, Bulma made this for him in 2 hours

Costume 8


This is the costume Gohan wears during the Great Saiyanman saga. When not fighting, our little hero decides to wear this and train Goten his little bro for the other worldly tournament! This is just a simple Overall Blue Gi with a red belt. He also wears a white boot with black and red linings, nothing fancy!

Costume 9


There is a long sleeve shirt worn which is a light aqua/green color. Over this is a blue piece, the interior of this part is yellow and has yellow around all the edges, it clips around the chest and has shoulders that extend past the users. On the sides of the waste the piece continues to go down until about the kneecap. A long cloth is also tied around the waste, excess of this cloth just hangs downward. He also wears white baggy pants.

Costume 10


This is the costume worn by gohan during the Buu series. Finally, he understands that it is his responsibility to wear a costume just like his father. It is just like Goku's Costume 4 so check it out for reference!