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Yup, These do make your screen look better!!!

In this page i will paste all the cool wallpapers of DBZ!

and some of the wallpapers have been taken from some sites and i would like to aknowledge them

www.dragonballz.com ( the best DBZ site on the internet!!! )

www.myfavoritegames.com ( A great site with loads of info! )

www.dbzgtlegacy.com ( An overall cool DBZ site! )

www.ultimatedbz.com ( an awesome DBZ site with episode downloads too!!! )

and all the others!

and ya click on the pics to enlarge them and also i willl be updating these pics regularly!!

A cool pic of trunks and krillin who are ready to give the kasukandan attack!!

Piccolo giving the makansappou!!!

A cool blend of some DBZ fighters!

a cool pic of Goku and Vegeta!!!

The saiyans are in action!!!

A nice wallpaper of the five protectors of earth ready to take any challenge!

Wow! i never knew it would take Goku and Gotenks in SSJ 3 form and Mystic Gohan to just defeat cell!!!

Trunks wallpaper! nice!

WOW! the ultimate evil(uhhmmmm....) FRIEZA!!!!!!

A nice wall paper of DBZ!

Ah, the nice old Dragonball!!

Get ready for the Dragon fist with this cool movie wallpaper!

Chibi Goku in SSJ 1 in DBGT with his granddaughter pan......!!!

Ah! my FAVORITE!!!! Goku and Gohan in the strom!! awesommmmmmme!

The battle for the earth currently in a stalemate with all the warriors down!!!!

A nice wallpaper of Master Roshi!

An overall awesome Wallpaper, ummmmmm maybe my second fav!

A mix of some great warriors!

OHK! i have changed my mind, THIS is the best wallpaper!!!!

Goku and Piccolo trying to learn driving! hilarious!!!!

WOW! i am scared! wat menacing looks! Great wallpaper!