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Ah! the saiyan with the sword!

Now its time for trunks! check this section out people!

Costume 1

 This is worn by Trunks on his arrival to past Earth when he kills Frieza and meets Goku. Under his Capsule Corp jacket, he wears a black muscle shirt. His pants are a bluish dark gray, and he wears a brown belt. He also wears brown and black boots, which strap on. His jacket was given to him by his mother, its blue and has the Capsule Corp logo just below the shoulder, the neck gos beyond Trunks', until about his mouth or nose.

Costume 2

This is the same idea as what Vegeta wears during the Cell Saga. The under blue colored cloth covers the body up until the mid-neck. Boots and gloves are worn with this and straps are used to keep the main armor piece to the body. The coloring of the boots and armor is a goldish yellow, and white.


Costume 3

This is worn by present Trunks, its very loose for comfertability and is colored green. A belt type cloth is worn which is seen as red and orange. Trunks also wears boots with this outfit, they are brown and black.