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In this page i will put up the pics of the different training teachers throughout the DBZ series(only) and the people who have trained under that particular teacher!

Master Roshi

Goku and Krillin's first trainer and maybe krillins only!!!!!

anyways he was considered to be the strongest fighter but now looks like a sad joke in front of the DBZ gang!!! anyways he is the founder of the kamehameha wave which is the signature move of goku and krillin!


King Kai

Ah! the strongest martial arts teacher in the universe!

he was the teacher who taugh goku his two most common moves- kaioken and spirit bomb!

he is a very strong fighter too though very weak for the DBZ warriors.

The following fighters taught under him-







yes, Goku!!!! he is the strongest warrior in the universe and guess wat he has taught Gohan his son!

they both trained in the hyperbolic time chamber during a period in which goku taught gohan how to go ssj and even help him surpass it by going ssj 2!


Piccolo was gohan's first teacher and it was him who helped release the great potential of gohan's power!

he taught gohan his signature move- masenko and also taught him the basic combat techniques!

he is a very strict teacher though!